Welcome to Stroud Voices for the visually impaired, 2000 audio tracks of people talking about the Stroud area in the old days
detailed audio help is available in heading 2 about the word search area,
heading 3 tells how to get 5 more tracks and stop audio playing
and heading 4 explains the play buttons, at the moment 4 tracks are loaded with help audio. and are linked from the headings 2 to 4

there are 4 word entry boxes, the first of which is used to enter words or persons name. alt text for it is "word input for searching"
The other three hold individual words and are read only. They can be cleared with individual buttons whose alt text is "button to clear the second search word" etc click here to listen to audio help on this (2)
words separated by a space, terminated with enter will find tracks associated with all the words entered

ln the area for getting 5 more tracks and stopping any player there is-.
the button with alt text "display 5 tracks", when clicked, will present 5 tracks, or 5 more, or roll round to the first 5 tracks.
the button for stopping the players has alt text "stop the player" click here to listen to audio help on this (3)

5 audio player's buttons, with alt text "track 1" to "track 5", find and click to play. click again to pause, click to proceed. Initially there are 4 help tracks, click these for audio instructions in slightly more detail or click here to listen to audio help on this (4)

contact details - in the first instance leave a message on 01453 821436
mentioning "Stroud Voices" and leave a phone number.
New contributions are always welcome, let me know & I can come and record your memories of the wider Stroud area (Stroud DC eg)
enter words, with spaces or follow with "enter"
click button below for more on subject or image for more of same person

audio instructionsclick the icon to hear how to use this page0:00
audio help track 2 Audio help for word searches 0:00
audio help track 3the get 5 more button & the stop playing button 0:00
audio help track 4the 5 tracks play buttons 0:00
initial messageauto-play 0:00
 § click the play icon to load the track (saves your dnload Gb's)
 older browsers need an audio AddOn to play sounds,
  eg IE8, Opera 12, Safari 5 etc.
Folk music in & near Gloucestershire can be seen at cresby.com
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